Where next?

 Its been over a week now since the first UK QGIS meeting and here are our thoughts….

Establish regional groups and meetings.  Not everyone can travel the length and breadth of the UK to attend a meeting and although we were lucky for the first QGIS meeting that people did travel from near and far, its not always going to be this way. The Raspberry Pi Jams (pi meetings) are a great model to parallel, there are loads of local and regional Jams spread across the country which are well attended. It makes sense then to propose having regional groups, having their own meetings, orchestrated by its own coordinator. The coordinator can organise how their regional meetings proceed themselves but crucially, each regional groups agendas and blogs (meeting write ups) will ideally be channelled through the main UK QGIS wordpress site. In publishing details and write-ups of regional meetings, the wordpress site would become a great centralised resource for finding UK QGIS contacts and case studies.

Jams are held fairly frequently, perhaps every two to three months. Its not practical to have QGIS meetings as frequently as this, but coordinators could do if they thought the demand was great enough. Even if each group had one meeting a year, this would mean that in the UK at a minimum there would be nine opportunities to attend QGIS meetings a year!

So firstly we are looking for some regional leads to step forward; at the moment we have

  • Matt Travis – South-West

  • Simon Miles – South-East / London

  • Kevin Williams – Wales

So that leaves, East of England, Midlands, North West, North East, Scotland and Northern Ireland. If you feel up to the task, then please get in contact via the below form.

Case Studies. We are looking to get lots of examples of individuals, groups, businesses, or local/central government, using QGIS and posting these onto the wordpress site. The ‘vision’ for want to a better word, would be to make the wordpress site a bit of a UK beacon for QGIS case studies. But we need your help to do this, so please get in contact (via the below form) if you’re interested in writing something up.

Questionnaire. A few days ago, we posted up a questionnaire trying to gain a little bit more info on UK QGIS users, where they are located and what sort content users want out of future meetings/workshops. Please do fill in the questionnaire so that we can help steer the group. We’ll release the results of the questionnaire in a few weeks.


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